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Amanda Daniels
Amanda Daniels

Amanda Daniels

Galen Canine Myotherapist

Amanda Daniels

Areas covered: 

Essex area

Contact information:

07496 511154

Amanda Daniels
Amanda Daniels
Amanda Daniels

Having been around dogs my whole life, and currently having the pleasure of belonging to my own three, it was my working cocker spaniel Diesel who first got me
started on my Galen Myotherapy journey that has brought me to where I am now, a qualified Galen Myotherapy Practitioner.

Diesel led me down a winding road of discovery and we explored every turn and roundabout before finding that the treatment plan that worked for us was in the
hands of Julia Roberston's, the founder of Galen Myotherapy.

Julia swiftly identified a possible iliopsoas strain and after several treatments and
following the Galen Myotherapy treatment plan we were literally back up and running, continuing our canicross adventures and I have never looked back.

Canicross is where my dog sport passion lies and I head up our local club; Tailrunners SE Essex canicross running club. This position enables me to immerse myself in the study of dogs both professionally, as a Galen therapist, and personally when out and about with our members.

Through my position at the club I have also been given the opportunity to lecture the Canine Therapy students and Writtle University, and also present talks at local
canicross events.

I further apply my knowledge by volunteering, alongside fellow Galen therapist
Hannah Capon, as a CAM Advisor for Canine Arthritis Management having also
completed their CAM Advocate course, providing support for worried owners and
contributing to their Big (and Little!) Charity Walks.
As a result of my journey with Diesel I have experienced both sides of dealing with
canine issues; the worried devoted owner and the qualified professional leading the
therapy. This insight allows me to be an understanding, empathetic therapist who,
trained to the highest level of knowledge, takes advantage of over 20 years of
science driven treatment that has gone into building the Galen approach.

It is my belief that our ability to bridge the gap between daunting veterinary diagnoses, confusing vet speak and the worried anxious owner allows Galen Myotherapist to bring benefits for both canine and human family members alike.
With every dog, and every footstep they take, I strive to deliver successful Galen
therapy to any dog in need, and will cherish every one along the way.

Amanda Daniels
Amanda Daniels
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