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Intensive practical CPD for Galen Myotherapists

Intensive practical CPD for Galen Myotherapists

Friday 6th- Saturday 7th October 2023 (9am - 5pm)


This attended course run by Julia Robertson and Cushla Lamen, is for Galen Myotherapists looking to upskill their practical application. It is 2 days of intensive hands-on training using real life scenarios.


On the course you will learn additional skills to enhance the remit of your practice and advance your knowledge. Add more tools to your toolkit with new assessment techniques and functional exercises. Be the first to be introduced to Julia’s unique, original programme ‘6 p’s the Hierarchy of Canine Movement©™’’and learn how to start incorporating this revolutionary protocol into your treatment plans.


The course includes:


  • Advanced functional movement assessment - understand from a new perspective how to assess gait and functional movement patterns, and to include these observations into a comprehensive rehab programme.

  • Myofascial repatterning exercises - learn how to utilise fascial lines with functional application both hands-on and within a functional exercise programme.

  • Specialised passive movements that will help you to target and treat some difficult areas of common muscle dysfunction and discomfort.

  • Interpreting the science behind Positive PACT, (physical, physiological and psychological effects from a therapist and client perspective)

  • Theory and practice of functional postural analysis on a variety of dogs

  • Including the Galen Comfort scale as a form of evaluation 

  • An introduction and application of the ‘6 p’s - Hierarchy of canine movement©™’.



    16 CPD hours

    Award Type

    CPD certification

    Study method

    2 days face to face practical application.

    Start Date

    Friday 6th- Saturday 7th October 2023

    9am - 5pm

    Enrolment criteria  

    Qualified Galen Myotherapist


    2 days Face to face practical application

    Optional homework with feedback


    £708.33 excluding VAT 

    £850.00 including VAT


    The course cost can be split over 12 months i.e. £70.83 per month


    The customer shall pay the course fee to the provider to secure their place on the course.

    The course cost is non-refundable. 

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