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Intensive practical CPD for Canine Professionals

Intensive practical CPD for Canine Professionals

Add more tools to your toolkit and upskill your knowledge of complex biomechanical dysfunctions and accompanying compensatory patterns. Learn how to apply Galen Myotherapy’s targeted hands-on techniques and functional biomechanics through incorporating postural analysis and the understanding of myofascial connections.


You will learn how to utilise our unique Positive PACT treatment protocol and how empowering a dog through choice can deepen the therapeutic relationship thus aiding a dog’s recovery.  


This attended course run by Julia Robertson is for experienced canine professionals looking to upskill their practical application. It is 2 days of intensive hands-on training using real life scenarios with 4 hours of pre learning which can be accessed through our online learning platform. 


On completing the course you will be a registered Positive PACT practitioner. You will have the opportunity to join our network of Positive PACT practitioners along with our team of Galen Myotherapists who are supporting dogs through ‘choice’ all over the world. As part of this network you will also have access to a wealth of professional development opportunities, CPD courses, marketing content and the continued support from the Galen Myotherapy organisation.



    23 CPD hours

    Award Type

    Positive PACT practitioner certification

    Study method

    6 hours online self-directed theory

    Access to theory will be given 6 weeks prior to practical date.

    2 days face to face teaching with practical application.

    Start Date Thursday 5 - Friday 6th October 2023
    Enrolment criteria  

    Evidence of prior certification:


    Level 3 + canine anatomy

    Hands on training in canine massage 

    Working knowledge of muscle placement and action


    Age 18+ 

    Evidence of your qualification must be provided within 3 working days from your initial payment.


    4 hours online theory 

    2 days face to face practical application

    1 case study - to include submitting a video of 3 treatments uisng Positive PACT with same dog.


    £1199.20 excluding VAT 

    £1499.00 including VAT


    Theory Unit

    Understand the methodology and application of Positive PACT and the Galen Comfort Scale©.

    Looking at canine postural assessment from a new perspective, examining muscle symmetry, bracing patterns and postural alignment. Linking this to common environmental situations that create dysfunctional movement patterns.

    Galen Myotherapy’s approach to hands-on techniques and its targeted application through understanding myofascial connections.


    Practical Day 1

    Live application on a wide variety of dogs including postural assessment that encompasses muscle symmetry and muscle tone into a targeted treatment plan. 


    Learning how to integrate and develop Positive PACT within a treatment protocol using real life scenarios.


    Assessment of canine physical integrity, observations and comparisons of movement.


    Practical Day 2

    Revisiting compensatory patterns due to injury, pathologies and environmental factors from a Galen perspective.


    Live demonstration of why functional anatomy is a keystone in the practical application of functional biomechanics and hands-on treatment. 

    Examining the context of myofascial connections within a hands-on treatment and functional biomechanics. Correctly interpreting hypertonia to offer a more accurate translation of dysfunctional movement patterns.


    Case Study

    Case study to demonstrate your understanding and application of Positive PACT. This includes three treatments on one dog, video evidence is required. Case study completion is required if you would like to be certified as a Positive PACT practitioner. 


    The customer shall pay the course fee to the provider to secure their place on the course.

    The course cost is non-refundable. 

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