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Equilibrium and Stability of the Canine webinar

Equilibrium and Stability of the Canine webinar

Secure your recording of our webinar 'Equilibrium and Stability of the Canine'.


Join Julia Robertson, founder of Galen Myotherapy, for a webinar discussing her 20+ years experience of working with dogs and how she feels establishing joint stability is a key component in the prevention of osteoarthritis, cruciate disease and idiopathic lameness. She looks at the difference in movement on stable and unstable joints at all life stages, from puppy through to mature dogs.


Discussion topics:


  • What do we mean by stability 

  • What the term stability means specifically in relation to our dogs

  • Examining why specific joints and regions may suffer from instability 

  • How to identify stability issues within a dog

  • The effect that any instability may have on a dog's overall movement patterns

  • How to develop and maintain a dog's movement chain

  • Functional Movement, what is it and how do we know if a dog can move functionally

  • Practical ways to create a stable dog through natural functional exercises


This webinar will give you a unique perspective on the biomechanical aspects of dynamic stability in dogs. It examines the many facets of a dog's anatomy and physiology, spanning their physical development from young to mature dogs as well as looking at dogs in a rehome situation.


Julia shares practical tips on how to help and support a dogs' stability and movement patterns through the use of natural functional exercises. This webinar is ideal for anyone seeking further understanding of their own dog's functional movement or for canine paraprofessionals who would like to explore this topic further.


Duration: 1 hour plus questions and answers from the live event


    The webinar cost is non-refundable. 

    The customer will have access to the recording for 6 months. 

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