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Galen Canine Myotherapy Direct Access Diploma

Galen Canine Myotherapy Direct Access Diploma


The Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma is a Level 3 externally accredited course through the Laser Learning Awards. The diploma course is designed to give you all the skills to launch a new and exciting career as a Galen Canine Myotherapist. 


Galen Myotherapists offer canine massage and functional biomechanical exercises and formulate management and rehabilitative programmes for dogs suffering from chronic conditions.


This course has been successfully running for over 10 years, and was the first externally accredited course specialising in Canine Myotherapy / Canine massage and rehabilitation.


The self-paced training modules will teach you the intricacies of how the canine body works, how to assess posture, behaviour and functional movement patterns and importantly it will give you the diverse skills needed to apply effective massage techniques and rehabilitative treatment programs to support a dog’s muscular-skeletal health. You will also learn how to apply our revolutionary Positive P.A.C.T.® treatment protocol. 


Throughout your learning journey you will receive the backing and support of the most established clincial canine massage, biomechanics and rehabilitation training school in the UK. All our tutors have formal teaching qualifications and are committed to supporting you during your studies with us.


We understand the challenges of remote learning that's why we have developed a fun and interactive learning environment, you will also be supported with regular tutor contact as well as being connected with other students on the course.


On graduating as a Galen Myotherapist you will have the opportunity to join our global team of Galen Myotherapists who are supporting dogs all over the world. Our Galen Myotherapy Post Graduate scheme is designed to help you build your business with ready to go marketing content and promotional tools. You will also have access to a wealth of professional development opportunities, CPD courses and the continued support from the Galen Myotherapy team.


We also work with international partners to deliver our diploma course at different locations around the world and in Spanish. Please talk to us for more information.


    Qualification Level 3 Laser Learning Awards accredited
    Award Type Diploma
    Study method Online theory and face to face practical application
    Start Date Any time
    Enrolment criteria  

    Age 18+ 


    Qualification in Canine Anatomy and Physiology, or Human Sports or Holistic Massage.


    Evidence of your qualification must be provided within 3 workings day from your initial payment. 

    Units 5 theory units, 10 days of practical and 3 case studies.

    £3136.00 Excluding VAT

    £3808.00 Including VAT


    Payment options are available so please talk to us about the different options or to discuss a bespoke payment plan which is right for you.


    Example payment plan

    Pay £100 per month for the first 3 months* then £118.17 per month for 24 months (17.5% APR). Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.


    *Split payment option for the first 3 months is available at checkout when paying by Klarna or PayPal.



    Important Information

    External Accreditation

    This course is externally accredited by Laser Learning Awards which is an Ofqual-regulated Awarding Organisation. This is a non Ofqual regulated qualification but meets the same standards.


    Please note there is an additional cost of £200 for your work to be externally accredited by LASER Learning Awards. Please select the accredited option at checkout if you would like to receive a certificate of accreditation from Laser Learning Awards on completion of the course. 


    Course Payment 

    Full course payment must be received before attending the practical element of the course.


    International Students

    International learners who are business owners or who’s employer is funding their learning are exempt from paying VAT. For our tax purposes we require evidence of the business



    Theory Unit One - The Principles of Human Massage
    History of Massage, benefits, contraindications, the techniques used and how they influence the different systems, palpation, homeostasis, an introduction into the physiological and psychological effects of massage, gain an overview of other relevant therapies, the veterinary act.


    Theory Unit Two - Canine Locomotion and the skeletal system
    Identify and name the main skeletal structures, identify the superficial bony structures, compare the canine and human form, understand and identify the anatomical regions and directional terms of the canine.


    Theory Unit Three - Canine Musculature

    The muscular system, location of superficial and deep muscles, fibre type and arrangement, cellular composition and anatomy, understanding the following terms- muscle insertions and origins, tone, fatigue. 


    Understand different types of muscular contraction; fascia, deep and superficial and its role, tendons. The role of ligaments, cartilage and synovial fluid.


    Theory Unit Four - Principles of the Canine Skin, Lymphatic and Venous System
    The skin, structure, functions and anatomy, in relation to it being the medium for massage. The lymphatic system, its function, location of major lymph vessels and nodes, the construction of both, veins of the thoracic and pelvic limb, anatomy of a vein, why these are important to comprehend in relation to massage therapy.


    Theory Unit Five - Principles of the Nervous System, Common Pathologies and Soft Tissue Injury.

    Introduction to neurological system with emphasis on the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Interdependencies of the body system and how massage influences the body holistically. Common pathologies – osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, OCD, muscle spasm, cramp, fatigue, dehydration. Understand the relevance of massage in connection with the effects of injury tissue repair, and how it can help with the prevention of muscular adhesions and scarring.

    fatigue, dehydration. Understand the relevance of massage in connection with the effects of injury tissue repair, and how it can help with the prevention of muscular adhesions and scarring.


    Remote and Hands-on Practical

    All diploma students including those studying the Vet CPD will attend the practical application element of the course.


    It consists of 10 days of intense and unique learning which is scientifically substantiated. We’ve created a two stage guided learning experience, which provides in-depth study and practical application of Galen Myotherapy, but also allows a period of supported independent study to allow the information time to embed.


    The first 5 days are delivered remotely through interactive webcasts, online seminars with discussion groups and Q&A sessions with some independent learning and full access and support from your dedicated tutor.


    You’ll learn:

    * Human and canine postural assessment

    * Functional anatomy and biomechanics

    * Assessing superficial anatomy of the canine

    * Assessing canine biomechanics in relation to loading and posture

    * Functional movement patterns and identification of compensatory issues

    * Impacts of environment on the musculoskeletal system

    * In-depth learning of the relationship between pain and behaviour

    * Theory and application of the Galen Comfort Scale©

    * Positive PACT® treatment protocol (scientifically supported)


    This is a unique learning opportunity to gain a deep understanding of muscle dysfunction in both humans and canine.


    This is followed by 5 days hands-on training which will be focused on developing your hands-on techniques, rehabilitative functional movement and exercises on a variety of dogs so you gain a plethora of hands-on experience so you can confidently apply Galen Myotherapy techniques. 


    You’ll learn:

    * Practical anatomy from a functional and applied perspective

    * Translating canine’s muscles, fascia and skeleton directly onto a dog

    * Assessment of canine physical integrity, observations and comparisons of movement

    * Massage technique application and palpation skills


    Case studies

    On completion of the practical you will complete 3 individual case studies.


    These include: 

    * Visual postural and loading assessment - using photos and videos only 
    * Galen Comfort Scale© completion

    * 3 treatments for each case study 

    * Home environment and activity guidance

    * Appropriate exercise programme in order to enhance rehabilitation or to help sustain correct kinetic movement patterning achieved through manual therapy



    Your case studies will be discussed with a Galen Veterinary Surgeon or Galen registered tutor within the Vet Viva at the end of the course.


    The Customer shall pay the course fee or deposit to the Provider to secure their place on the Galen Canine Myotherapy Direct Access Diploma Course.


    No refunds will be given after the 14 day cooling off period and customers must continue to pay the monthly instalments until all course fees are paid. 


    Students have 3 years to complete the Full Diploma Course. In exceptional circumstances learners may request a “one off” extension of up to one year.

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