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Group CPD for Hydrotherapists

Group CPD for Hydrotherapists

Complement your services by integrating Galen Myotherapy programmes into your hydrotherapy practice to offer enhanced rehabilitation outcomes. 


We’ll bring a new perspective to your hydrotherapy practice and hone your team's observational skills to better support your clients.


By looking at the relationship between posture and myofascial tension your team will begin to understand how it impacts on a dog’s movement and gait from a functional perspective. 

We will teach you targeted functional exercises which you can give your clients to do at home to help maximise your hydrotherapy sessions. 


This CPD is for canine hydrotherapists who are looking for an in-depth course on how to assess a dog’s posture to identify muscle imbalances to implement an enhanced and targeted rehabilitation programme.


'Many thanks for delivering such a brilliant CPD! Galen’s passion for dogs and openness in sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience made for engaging lectures and rewarding practical sessions. Galen Myotherapy has shown me a new way to approach assessment and treatment, consider functional movement and fascia, and many of my patients are benefitting from it'.  

Testimonial from Kirsty Martin PgDip Vet Phys mNAVP - Gatehouse Rehabilitation



    6 CPD hours

    Award Type Completion Certificate
    Study method

    Online tutorial delivered via Zoom

     2 x 3 hour sessions

    Start Date Arranged upon booking
    Enrolment criteria  

    Qualification in Canine Hydrotherapy

    Units 5 topics which will be delivered during the web tutorial

    £1039.30 excluding VAT 

    £1299 including VAT


    The price shown is for a group with a maximum of 10 participants 

    (£103.93 per person ex. VAT)


    Please note that participants do not need to be from the same centre. You are welcome to create a group of 10 from different locations. 


    Topic 1: Postural assessment

    Postural assessment discussion of three case study dogs/clients from photos and videos (supplied pre-programme). Looking at detailed aspects of each of the dogs muscle symmetry, postural alignment, muscle tone and how it can translate to dysfunctional movement patterns in and out of a hydrotherapy environment.


    Topic 2: Fascia
    The understanding of fascia or myofascial connections are now acknowledged to be fundamental to a successful rehabilitation programme. We’ll be discussing the role of fascia from a functional perspective, looking at the implications and impact within rehabilitation.


    Topic 3: Functional movement

    Understand the true meaning of functional movement and why it is so important within a canine specific rehabilitation programme. Assessing different dogs movement patterns and how that relates to the importance of an individualised programme.


    You will learn functional exercises that you can give to clients to do at home, which will help to maximise your hydrotherapy sessions.


    Topic 4: Implementation of the Galen Comfort Scale©

    How you can incorporate the Galen Comfort scale© to assess pain and behaviour, offering quantifiable outcomes to your clients.


    Topic 5: Follow up assessment of case study dogs

    Discuss postural asessements of case study dogs after integrating Galen Myotherapy.


    The customer shall pay the course fee to the provider to secure their place on the course.

    The course cost is non-refundable. 

    The customer must book a date for the course within 6 months of payment being recieved. 

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