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Accreditation for the Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma

Accreditation for the Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma

It’s hard to overstate the importance of external accreditation in animal health and associated treatments as it ensures we meet the regulations and the very high standards set by LASER Learning Awards, we adhere to best practices and it also ensures every student has the same quality learning experience. Along with the course being accredited, we also assess and moderate each student’s completed work both internally (IQA) and externally (EQA). In other words it will be assessed by your tutor then will be moderated against the standards laid down by LASER and Ofqual to ensure that the work has reached the level and standard required and that the assessments have reached the standards and levels required against the learning outcomes of course. Once the work has been IQA’d and EQA’d students will receive a certificate of accreditation from LASER Learning Awards.


    No refunds will be given.

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