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Distance Support Programme

Distance Support Programme

Our Distance Support Programmes (DSP) provide 1:1 professional guidance for you as an owner, enabling you to help your dog at home. You will be supported remotely through the programme by your own dedicated and experienced Galen Myotherapist.


Using photos and videos of your dog we provide a detailed postural and movement analysis to highlight areas of weakness and compensation in your dog’s biomechanics. We then work with you to implement environmental and activity changes, and show you how to apply targeted massage techniques to improve your dog’s musculoskeletal health. 


    You will be sent a form to complete, asking you for specific photos and videos of your dog, these will form a major part of your Galen Myotherapist’s assessment.

    You will also be asked to complete our Galen Comfort Scale©, which is a scale that we have developed from years of experience, identifying behavioural and physical changes that relate to a dogs physical and muscular health. This information is critical for the Myotherapist to be able to assess your dog, as well as a tool for measuring improvement in your dog’s long term health and well-being. After you have returned the completed forms, videos and photos to your dedicated Galen Myotherapist, they will then be fully assessed. Your dog’s Galen Comfort Scale© will also be analysed to plot your dog's current state of comfort. This will also give valuable information to track their changes and recovery through everyday observations.

    The full assessment report of your dog will then be sent to you. It will have literally ‘nose to tail’ assessment on your dog’s posture and loading, explaining how it could relate to any issue/s they may have and you are observing.

    The report will demonstrate pictorial ‘comparisons’, giving you a very clear insight into how, and what, we are basing our evaluations. It will be totally specific to your dog; giving clear, functional and practical information and advice, for you to incorporate and use to support the health and wellbeing of your dog.

    Within the report will be recommendations and clearly instructed videos on how and where to perform three safe and highly effective techniques. The videos will introduce and guide you through how you can integrate Galen’s Positive P.A.C.T.®, choice led treatment into your own treatment.

    As well as other recommendations or ideas about how possibly, some environmental changes could also help your dog. The programme also includes a 6 week follow up for you to receive feedback on your application and any questions you may have to your dedicated Galen Myotherapist professional.


    The Customer shall pay the course fee to the Provider to secure their place on the Programme. The Programme cost is non-refundable. 

    The Programme must be used within 16 weeks of purchase. 

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