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Soft Tissue Injury and Repair : Maintaining Your Dog's Health online course

Soft Tissue Injury and Repair : Maintaining Your Dog's Health online course

Soft tissue injuries that are untreated or not managed correctly, can last a lifetime in a dog’s body, as well as being complicit in forming compensation and postural problems; these can result in an ongoing lameness where the cause can be difficult to identify.  


This 2 hour specialist course explains what happens when muscle and fascia are damaged, and the effects on the body. It also examines the negative impact of our human environment and how common activities can lead to repetitive strain injuries.


You'll learn how to help protect, maintain and enhance your dog's musculoskeletal health.


    Qualification 2 CPD hours
    Award Type

    Completion certificate

    Study method Online theory
    Start Date Any time
    Enrolment criteria  

    Age 16+ No previous experience necessary.

    Units 6 theory topics

    £25 including VAT


    Topic 1: The impact of our home environment on our dogs
    Topic 2: Muscle Injury and Repair
    Topic 3: Repetitive strains - What are they and how to minimise the impact from them?
    Topic 4: Physical and behavioural effects of discomfort
    Topic 5 : How to assess your dog's comfort
    Topic 6: How can we enhance our dogs health?
    Topic 7: How to enhance your dog's movement


    Who is the course for:

    • Dog owners/guardians

    • Canine paraprofessionals who are interested in a different approach e.g. behaviourists, hydrotherapists, dog trainers, groomers and dog walkers

    • Veterinary professionals who would like to broaden their knowledge


    Who it is suitable for:

    • People looking to support their own dog

    • Owners, enthusiasts, and people who work with dogs

    • People wanting to gain an understanding of functional movement


    Please note this course is for knowledge use only and application can only be used legally on your own dog.


    The Customer shall pay the course fee to the Provider to secure their place on the Programme. The Programme cost is non-refundable. 

    The customer will have access to the course for 6 months after payment has been recieved. 

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